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Figure Drawings

Drawing the figure from life or imagination has been an important practice of mine since 1990. In all its aspects (aesthetic, biological, structural, cultural, erotic, ethical), I find the figure endlessly fascinating: a sublime combination of beauty and function … an apotheosis of natural design.

Drawing the figure well means not copying like a camera does, but rather synthesizing a deeply-ingrained knowledge of anatomy, a kinaesthetic empathy for gesture, and an understanding of basic drawing concepts such as mass, planes and perspective. To do so effectively, with style and economy of means, is quite a challenge; to actually say anything of import with the drawing even more so.

One can find open life drawing groups in many communities, where fees for the model are shared amongst several people. In my case I have participated regularly in groups in Madison, Wisconsin; Ferney-Voltaire, France; the University of California at Berkeley; and the University of Chicago. The links at the top show some local figure drawing groups.

The drawings here were all done in short poses of 2-20 minutes without subsequent reworking.


Hyde Park Art Center Figure Studio
University of Chicago Figure Drawing