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From The Point:

Daily Horizon

Saturday, Jan. 23 2010 UTC

Each day that I have the opportunity for a morning walk, I take the 'same’ photo. Standing in the same place, camera pointed at the same spot.

Over time, one gets a sense of the variability of the sky and water (or ice) — not just day to day, but hour by hour. It surprises me that, after many walks over the same route, there is always something worthy of notice, or worth a photograph.

These pictures were taken with the same camera setting (except for the black and white photo) and were not manipulated after the fact.

The object on the horizon is the 68th Ave. Water Crib. These cribs are the intakes for the Chicago water supply. This crib in particular was the site of a fire in 1909, which killed 70 workers.

From Wikipedia:

Until the 1990s, Crib Tenders lived on the cribs. Usually four man crews stayed aboard the cribs for a week at a time. Their duties included water testing, light maintenance, and dynamiting ice dams that formed against the cribs’ walls. Crib facilities included rudimentary bathrooms, showers, and bunk rooms—and a fantastic view of the city and lake.

That’s a job I wouldn’t mind having.

Updated Dec. 14, 2010: added more images