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More Prototyping

Saturday, May 15 2010 UTC

A month ago I spent an enthusiastic weekend or two writing more Ruby plugins, one result being a tool whereby one can take any rectangular face oriented in any direction, and 'draw’ with it by tiling it repeatedly in any plane. The result is that one can make fairly complex, architectural-looking co-planar geometries quickly. I find it fun to use. It expect I’ll publish the plugin eventually as part of a set of drawing tools.

Tiling plugin

But the goal is still to make paintings! I have been making progress on a few old paintings, sketching, and occasionally putting together images with SketchUp which might make sense to transfer to panels or canvases and then render in oil paint. For example, the following image was drawn with combination of the new tiling plugin, creating a surface of revolution with the Follow Me tool, and 'texturing’ it with Fredo 6’s Tools on Surface. Final camera vew tilted before export and then colors tweaked with iPhoto.

'Structural Ship’ experiment