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From Art Geek:

Playing around with Golden Open Acrylics

Wednesday, Oct. 27 2010 UTC

Test Painting, Golden 'open’ acrylic on laser-printed paper

Been playing more with the Golden Open Acrylics I wrote about last week. The new paints are definitely not oils: they lack the precise, stiff, cool whipped-butter consistency of undiluted oil paint, for one thing, and run over the palette a bit, more like half-melted butter. And acrylic glazes still look a bit 'plastic’ to me compared with oil (someone needs to study whatever reflective/refractive properties are so attractive in linseed oil).

But they are amazing nonetheless — they stay workable on the palette for hours, and I can see using these to carry out most or all painting stages with these paints. Certainly some of the paintings I’ve done previously in acrylics would have been a lot easier with these.

Initial source image (preliminary SketchUp “drawing”, as usual):