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Cuba Street Fair, Wellington

At the end of a few days here in Wellington, I am flying home today.

This is one of my favorite cities in the world. It has been fabulous to see Neil and Amelia again, to go shopping (the US dollar is finally stronger after several years in the gutter), to go to art galleries and to walk up and down Cuba Street.

Yesterday we braved the crowds at the Cuba Street Carnival, then came home and made dinner for some of N&A’s friends, including one of my favorite New Zealand painters.

Friday, I met Amelia’s mum and dad and uncle. Uncle lives in US and goes to McMurdo every year to lead expeditions on Mt. Erebus. Dad is an amazing architect. They have a full acre quite close to Wellington, with a garden full to bursting with strawberries and corn, and chickens aka 'chooks’ (your Kiwi word of the day). Mom, sure wish you could have seen their garden.

Cuba St. Store Display
Cuba St. Carnival Garlic Seller
Cuba St. Carnival Vendors
Cuba St. Doorway
Cuba St. Doorway
Olive Cafe
Wellington Alcove
Minty Chook
Neil and Amelia

More pictures

Every year at the end of my South Pole trip, primed by a bit of rest following weeks of unceasing mental effort, and stimulated by the intoxicating beauty of this country, I get inspired to put more effort into my art. This year has been no exception and I’m excited to get back into the studio.

This will be my last post of the year on this blog, but I will continue blogging on my art blog as time and energy allow. Thanks to everyone who followed along.


Later: Metric
Earlier: Wickets