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Picking up the art blogging again after a long hiatus.

Recently I’ve been thinking about constraints a lot, and finding out how helpful they are. I think they are especially helpful for artists.

For example, since I started my new job last year, I am in the habit of taking photos on the way to or from work. I use the following constraints:

The pictures are not always awesome, but the practice itself is most satisfying. It’s a way to stay creative and visually-focused despite the demands of a “real” job. And I find the instant feedback I get from friends and family on Facebook more satisfying than many a gallery show has been.

Image from "Views from the Commute"

Another way I’ve been exploring constraints in the last few years is by painting outside. This practice has a number of constraints more or less built in: you can’t carry too much stuff around; it’s only light out for so long; and you typically paint the stuff you find in front of you (rather than stuff you make up).

Lately I’ve been redoing my Web sites and thinking about some old art projects as I sift through blog posts. I really enjoyed working with SketchUp awhile back and have been itching to return to that. So I’ve been wondering what sort of constraints might be helpful, similar to the ones I get “for free” by painting outside.

I decided on the following formula:

First stage, after one hour: exported from SketchUp and gridded
After second hour: drawing
After third hour: underpainting
Final image
Detail 1
Detail 2


Later: Macro-writing Macros
Earlier: Lazy Physics