What I'm Doing Now1

Note: I am currently taking a break from many things that resemble work!

Current Activities (during my "sabbatical")

Recent Projects

  • Until late April, 2022 I was a staff software engineer at OppFi, where I wrote software (mostly in Clojure), mentored and taught other engineers, and tried to improve process, code quality, and architecture wherever I could. I spent nearly four years at OppFi, learned a lot, helped a lot of people, and am happy to move onto other things.
  • Practicing Python programming (again!). I did a lot of Python development up until about 2014, after which I switched to mostly Clojure for day jobs. But I still like Python and it's fun to get back to it for awhile.
  • Learning about Quantum Computing by reading books and playing with Qiskit.
  • Working on the Web site you're reading.
  • Journaling and working on improving my handwriting.
  • Implementing a Lisp in Go, with detours into Crafting Interpreters and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.
  • Learning the Go programming language. I've written a few modestly useful things and am really enjoying the experience after years of focusing primarily on Lisps and functional programming. Go emphasizes a different kind of simplicity than Clojure does, and it seems to occupy a sweet spot on the speed vs. power spectrum. I'm regularly stunned by how fast Go programs are, including the code used to build this site.
  • Learning Mandarin (reading, mostly). I got my vocabulary up to about four hundred words. It's a beautiful language, and a slog to learn, but thanks to technology it is definitely possible!


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